Pre-cut sponge cakes for the HORECA sector.

Small bite-sized gourmet cake portions for the catering and restaurant sector.

  • Uniformity

  • Light and spongy texture

  • Ease of use

  • Brownie sponge cake

    Brownie sponge cake. Intensely flavoured chocolate brownie with California nuts. Brownie (Ref: 1290003) Pre-cut (Ref: PT0000063) Our brownie base is perfect to use to create other confectionery items or simply to enjoy on its own. It has a good balance between density and succulence, representing the classic brownie and nut… Lee la entrada completa

  • Classic pre-cut sponge cake

    Classic pre-cut sponge cake. 60 light and delicious cake portions flavoured with a hint of lemon. Classic (Ref: PT0000027) + Flavours: Carrot | Sacher | Red velvet | Toffee Our classic pre-cut is a cake for lovers of traditional flavours, with its wonderful, delicate hint of lemon. You can enjoy… Lee la entrada completa

  • Pre-cut Carrot sponge cake

    Pre-cut Carrot sponge cake. 60 light and succulent portions of carrot and nut cake. Carrot (Ref: PT0000059) + Flavours: Classic | Sacher | Red velvet | Toffee Our classic pre-cut carrot cake is filled with carrot and nuts. Simply serve and enjoy. It has a lovely texture and there is… Lee la entrada completa

  • Pre-cut Sacher sponge cake

    Pre-cut Sacher sponge cake. 60 mouth-watering portions of rich chocolate sponge. Sacher (Ref: PT0000060) + Flavours: Classic | Carrot | Red velvet | Toffee Our pre-cut sachertorte is the ideal treat for chocoholics. It is a chocolate flavour explosion, which will deight even your most demanding guests. I am interested… Lee la entrada completa

  • Pre-cut Red velvet sponge cake

    Pre-cut Red velvet sponge cake. 60 light and luscious portions of red velvet cake. Red velvet (Ref: PT0000061) + Flavours: Classic | Carrot | Sacher | Toffee Our pre-cut red velvet cake is an attractive traybake, with a light chocolate flavour and ready for you to serve all without the… Lee la entrada completa

  • Pre-cut Toffee sponge cake

    Pre-cut Toffee sponge cake. 60 light and spongy cake portions with a delicious caramel flavour. Toffee (Ref: PT0000065) + Flavours: Classic | Carrot | Sacher | Red velvet Our pre-cut toffee cake is perfect for buffets and cafeterias which serve breakfasts and snacks. It is a sweet cake with a… Lee la entrada completa

Cake portions ideal for catering, hotels and cafeterias.

Ideal for breakfasts, snacks and creative mini-confectionery.

We supply pre-cut cakes in perfectly-sized portions ready either for serving as they are or to be be doubled up to create a different type of presentation.

These cakes have a fresh and creamy texture and come in a range of flavours, in tray bake style, pre-cut into 60 pieces.

You can choose between the different flavours that best suit the type of individual cake you are preparing.

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Hurry! These cakes are flying off the shelves.

Serve and enjoy without going to all the trouble of preparing and baking the cake yourself.

Our aim is to help you save time for the important things in your day, to save you hassle and enable you to use the time doing what you want to do.

With this in mind, and with special consideration of the requirements of the HORECA sector we have developed and perfected our most fresh and succulent cake bases which can be readily adapted to your requirements.

Delight your guests and customers with these single cake portions which are ideal for breakfast, snacks and catering. Or create mini-confectionery recipes to delight your guests or customers.

Find out more about our pre-cut cake portions.

Easy to improve and add interesting touches.

We have the perfect accompaniment to your coffees, infusions, breakfasts and snacks.

Now you can obtain fresh and succulent ready prepared cake portions to serve at the time you want and without the hard work of baking them yourself.

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Sponge cake Recipes

Layered birthday cakes, cakes for celebrations, delicious tapas and salty recipes… we put the base. You, the freedom of creation.

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