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The base of baking

Manufacturers of bases for the food industry

Sponge cake specialists since 1982

Manufacturers of sponge cakes, sponge sheet cakes and biscuit bases for confectionery, Bollería BJV makes history as the pioneer in the making of sponge sheet cakes.

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A historyExperience and professionalism

With a 35-year experience, the effort and professionalism devoted during all these years, place us as a referent in sponge cake making at the national level, and we market our products through large supermarkets, distributors, manufacturers and artisans.

Year after year we have been evolving and adapting ourselves, extending our scope of action to external markets, setting in motion the process of internationalization and export of our services and products.

We have facilities of over 5,000 m2, including several production lines for bases, sponge cake in a mould or sliced, and biscuit bases. The rating of our technical means and logistic resources allows us to manufacture large product volumes for the food industry.

Who do we work with?

Dedicated to the development of basic solutions for the food industry, we offer a product adapted to all the agents that operate in the professional sector of the cake shop, ice cream and the food industry in general.


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