Biscuit bases for tarts and cheesecakes

Each base comes with its own paper or plastic mould which is easily removed.

  • Consistency

  • Agility

  • Tenderness

  • Ground biscuit base

    Ground biscuit base. Biscuit base with plastic mould for non-cooked tarts. White (Ref: 5010004) Cocoa (Ref: 5010011) Our biscuit crumb base is a succulent base with great texture, a touch of cinnamon and a hint of toasted biscuit. Its plastic mould will enable you to create your chilled desserts with… Lee la entrada completa

  • Biscuit base for baking

    Biscuit base for baking. White biscuit crumb base with oven-proof paper mould. White (Ref: 5010005) Our biscuit base for baking is slightly higher than the base used for chilled desserts. It has a reduced toasted essence so that you can give it the finishing touches in the oven. Your oven-proof… Lee la entrada completa

  • Palet breton biscuit base

    Palet breton biscuit base. Biscuit base with an extra-buttery flavour. White (Ref: PT0000087) Our Palet Breton biscuit base is a product with a unique consistency and the unmistakeable flavour of the famous French butter biscuits. It is a slightly crunchy base which works well when blended with your other ingredients…. Lee la entrada completa

Biscuit bases for baked or non-baked tarts.

Create your desserts quickly and easily thanks to our moulds.

We have available a perfectly moulded biscuit base which is uniform and fresh and with a light hint of cinnamon.

We provide all our varieties with their own removable mould to make the process of creating your products much easier.

Find the perfect solution for your baked products like cheesecake, or a base which you can use for semi-frozen desserts and fruit flans.

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Be nimble and fast like a ninja!

Assemble your base, bake or chill and… ready!

We know that time is money and that the most important thing is getting good results. Thus, when it comes to biscuit bases, we have created a formula for efficiency.

For a non-cooked tart the biscuit base comes with a plastic mould and for a baked dessert a paper mould.

It’s not important whether yours is a large scale industrial or small artisanal process, our options are designed to be adaptable for all types of confectionery production processes.


Ideas y Recetas en La base de la pastelería

Recipes with biscuit bases

Semi cold cakes, mousses, cheese cakes, salty tapas for catering and restoration… we put the base. You, the freedom of creation.

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