Pre-cut Toffee sponge cake.

60 light and spongy cake portions with a delicious caramel flavour.

  • Toffee (Ref: PT0000065)

Our pre-cut toffee cake is perfect for buffets and cafeterias which serve breakfasts and snacks.

It is a sweet cake with a powerful taste and, with its particular creamy texture, it is best enjoyed on its own.

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Pre-cut caramel cake in 60 units

The ideal small cake to accompany light drinks such as shakes or white coffee, given the contrast its rich flavour provides.

However, the toffee cake is also perfect in combination with fruit such as strawberries. You can use this option to create a mini confectionery unit offering a wide range of contrasts.


  • 355x285x40
  • 2 units
  • 60
  • 84 boxes
  • 12 months (-18ºC)
    30 days (4ºC)

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* Consult us for other measures.
** Optional: Free-range eggs (under special manufacturing conditions).

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