Manufacturers of sponge cake and sponge sheet cakes. Specialists in pastry bases.

The base of baking

Having as a main mission the making of bases for baking and ice cream, BJV bakery makes history as the pioneer in the making of sponge cake bases for cakes and other products.


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Always in the vanguard of the sector, and in accordance with the new trends, we can offer you a personalized service depending on your demand and the characteristics of the project you have in mind.

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More than 30 years by your side

More than thirty years of experience in the development of pastry bases, our knowledge, and the innovative attitude of our multidisciplinary team, endorses us as expert manufacturers of sponge cakes and sponge sheet cakes.

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If you are a distributor and interested in commercialising our products, do not hesitate to contact us and know the advantages we can offer you.


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We have 35 years of know-how assuming part of the productive process of our customers, through a product that optimizes their time, considerably reducing the workload. All our solutions guarantee homogeneity and regularity under the highest quality standards.

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At BJV we follow a very strict safety policy; we manage in detail the whole making process for our products. Ingredients, mixing, ovens, baking times, etc. are all part of our daily routine. Therefore, from the careful selection of raw ingredients, to the transport logistics, we guarantee maximum quality control.

“There is a great responsibility in the food industry, it is necessary to respect and guarantee the maximum quality control for the consumer, and that implies the involvement of all the agents that participate in the manufacturing process, especially those that are in the base part of the final product “.

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