Sponge sheet cakes to roll up

Very flexible cake bases, designed specifically so they can be easily rolled without the risk of breaking up.

  • Flexibility

  • Resistence

  • Spongy texture

  • Special sponge sheet cake

    Special sponge sheet cake. Very versatile and high egg content. White (Ref: 1010001) Cocoa (Ref: 1190001) Our special sponge sheet cake plate is a Premium base that stands out for offering great flexibility, juiciness and flavor. It has a high egg content to give it a perfect flavor, and a… Lee la entrada completa

  • Sponge sheet cake to roll up

    Sponge sheet cake to roll up with great resistance. Ideal for manufacturers with large production processes, gypsy arms and rolled products.

Sponge sheet cake perfect for Swiss rolls.

An easy to manage rollable base.

We have created a recipe for cake bases which is unique for the flexibility and quality of the product.

A spongy and delicious cake base, perfect for Swiss rolls and other snacks which need a flexible and easy to roll base.

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A base which can be rolled without risk of it breaking up.

An ideal base both for the artesan baker as well as the industrial producer.

We offer you a fillable and rollable cake base that you can work with easily without it breaking up or crumbling.

Our rollable cake bases have been developed specifically to be flexible and easy to work with.

They are ideal for the home baker but also work well in large scale production processes.

Try our rollable cake base.

And take your productivity to another level with magnificent results.

Design your idea, prepare the ingredients and get going. We’ve done the hard work with the raw materials and baking so all you need to do is add your own ideas to create a perfect confectionery product.

Now, whenever your product requires it you can get a rollable cake base, allowing you to focus on what it important to you, using your creativity and saving your time and resources.

Fill, roll and you’re ready to go!

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Ideas y Recetas en La base de la pastelería

Sponge sheet cake Recipes

Swiss rolls, cakes for celebrations, delicious cakes, tapas and salted canapés… we set the base. You, the freedom of creation.

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