Sponge sheet cakes to roll up

Flexible – Resistant – Spongy


Discover our rolled sponge sheet cake that all your customers dream of to prepare easy recipes at home.

1 unit

Rolled sponge cake base for retailers and supermarkets

Extra tender sponge cake with 39% egg, served at room temperature.

sponge cake to…

Roll up and soak

Manejables y tiernas

Sponge sheet
cakes to roll up

Ideal for Swiss Rolls and piononos

Very flexible cake bases, designed specifically so they can be easily rolled without the risk of breaking up. We have created a recipe for cake bases which is unique for the flexibility and quality of the product. A spongy and delicious cake base, perfect for Swiss rolls and other snacks which need a flexible and easy to roll base for the artesan baker as well as the industrial producer.