Brownie sponge cake.

Intensely flavoured chocolate brownie with California nuts.

  • Brownie (Ref: 1290003)
  • Pre-cut (Ref: PT0000063)

Our brownie base is perfect to use to create other confectionery items or simply to enjoy on its own.

It has a good balance between density and succulence, representing the classic brownie and nut combination to perfection.

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A cake ideal to eat on its own or with a serving of vanilla ice cream.

This is a perfect cake base with an intense chocolate taste. With its incredible flavour and the option of a pre-cut, 55-unit version, it is an ideal product to serve on its own. It also combines well with fruit jams.

Our brownie is good enough to satisfy the most demanding of tastes.


  • 400x240x18
  • 5 units
    5 units
  • 60 boxes
    84 boxes
  • 12 months (-18ºC)
    or 30 days (4ºC)

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* Consult us for other measures.
** Optional: Free-range eggs; UTZ Cocoa (under special manufacturing conditions).

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