Full size cakes for confectionery and catering.

Discover the format which is best suited to your recipes and create your own cakes and gateaux.

  • Adaptability

  • Great sponge texture

  • Layering

  • Genovese sponge cake

    Genovese sponge cake. A light and airy sponge cake. White (Ref: 2010007) Cocoa (Ref: 2020001) Our Genovese cake provides you with the flavour of a home made cake, with a lovely light and airy sponge texture. We can serve it pre-layered, or you can do it yourself because its texture… Lee la entrada completa

  • Carrot sponge cake

    Carrot sponge cake. Cake flavoured with fresh carrots and nuts. Carrot (Ref: 2220002) Rectangular (Ref: PT0000082) Carrot cake made with fresh carrots, nuts and a dash of cinnamon. It has a lovely sponge texture and a flavour full of nuances which is a delight to any palate. It’s the perfect… Lee la entrada completa

  • Sacher sponge cake

    Sacher sponge cake. Cake with a special chocolate flavour. Sacher (Ref: 2040005) Rectangular (Ref: PT0000079) Our sachertorte cake base is one of our premium specialities, with its rich chocolate flavour, enabling you to create perfect sweet recipes. It has a wonderful light and airy sponge texture and is creamy and… Lee la entrada completa

  • Red velvet sponge cake

    Red velvet sponge cake. Delicious, light chocolate flavoured sponge cake. Red velvet (Ref: 2120001) Rectangular (Ref: PT0000081) Our red velvet is a premium product, with its special creamy flavour and light and spongy texture. It has an attractive red colour and smooth taste with a slight hint of chocolate. I… Lee la entrada completa

  • Toffee sponge cake

    Toffee sponge cake. A creamy textured caramel toffee-flavoured cake. Toffee (Ref: 2130001) Rectangular (Ref: PT0000080) Our caramel cake base is a premium product with a unique texture which will please even your most demanding guests. It has a lovely creamy texture and toffee flavoured sweetness, making it perfect for buffets… Lee la entrada completa

  • Sponge flan case cake

    Sponge flan case cake. A succulent and concave cake base with a delicious hint of vanilla. White (Ref: 2320010) Our base for layered cakes is a very special and unique product thanks to the exclusive form designed to be very flexible to work with. As well as its concave shape,… Lee la entrada completa

  • Brownie sponge cake

    Brownie sponge cake. Intensely flavoured chocolate brownie with California nuts. Brownie (Ref: 1290003) Pre-cut (Ref: PT0000063) Our brownie base is perfect to use to create other confectionery items or simply to enjoy on its own. It has a good balance between density and succulence, representing the classic brownie and nut… Lee la entrada completa

Cake bases for cutting, filling or to eat on their own.

A range of cakes to combine with creams and frosting.

We have adapted our cake recipe to different tastes, forms and textures to make it easier for you to create cakes and other confectionery items.

These will help you create excellent products, reduce your production time, increase your profitability and reduce damage in each production.

You can choose between the light and airy sponge and naturalness of our Genovese cake, indulge in the creamy textures of our special flavours or enjoy a perfect brownie with a scoop of ice cream.

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Fill, apply your frosting, cut and… serve!

Making cakes and other items of confectionery has never been easier.

The secret of our cakes is the experience we have built up over more than 30 years and our mastery of the ingredients, beating and baking times.

We are specialists in producing cakes which have a wonderful light and airy sponge and which are also very versatile, easy to roll or cut with the minimum of damage.

We can take the hard work out of your projects since you can have your cake ready at hand for whatever you want to do with it. As a further option you can choose from our pre-cut range of cakes.

They are perfect both to work with by hand in the small kitchen as well as in larger scale production processes.

Get to know more about our cake bases.

And get great results from each recipe.

Develop your idea, prepare the filling or frosting and get to work on your cake. We can help you by assembling the raw materials and taking care of the baking. We provide you with a sponge cake with a fresh and light texture so you can get consistent results with your cakes and desserts.

You can have either a round or tray bake style cake ready to work with at any moment. And without worrying about wasting time and effort achieving the perfect results you desire.

Focus on what matters most to you, enjoy using your creativity and increase your efficiency and profitability in each production.

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Ideas y Recetas en La base de la pastelería

Sponge cake Recipes

Layered birthday cakes, cakes for celebrations, delicious tapas and salty recipes… we put the base. You, the freedom of creation.

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