Sponge Sheet cakes for soaking

Absorption – Juiciness – Consistency


Get to know our variety of baking sheets for mass consumption, and offer your customers the possibility to bake cakes at home like the pastry professionals.


Sponge cake bases por baking pies at home

Rectangular or discs sponge for mass consumer use.

sponge cake for…

filling and soaking

juicy and uniform

Sponge sheet
cakes for soaking

Easily and quickly soaked without losing consistency.

If you want a type of cake base you can use to soak in syrup then this is the perfect option. We have created a recipe for cake bases which can absorb different syrups. A spongy and delicious base designed to be soaked in syrup. Perfect for tarts, desserts and also savoury canapés whether you are an artesan baker or larger producer.. The perfect base which provides consistency in shape and can absorb all types of syrup or sauce, .