Bases for pastry and ice cream

All good results start with a good base

  • Special sponge cake sheet

    Spongy and multi-purpose sponge cake sheet.

  • Sponge sheet cake to roll up

    Perfect results in large production processes.

  • Sponge sheet cake for soaking

    Ideal to soak thanks to its high absorption capacity.

  • 0% added sugar sponge sheet cake

    No added sugars or palm oil.

  • Long-life sponge sheet cake at room temperature

    Have a shelf life of 90 days at room temperature.

  • Ultimate sponge sheet cake

    High cocoa and melted chocolate content.

  • ECI sponge sheet cake

    Great consistency and perfect flavour.

  • Shaped sponge sheet cake

    Shaped sponge cake sheet.

  • Brownie sponge sheet cake

    Intense chocolate flavour and California walnuts

  • Traditional sponge cake

    Intense egg flavour.

  • Carrot sponge cake

    Ideal to eat like this, or as a base for carrot cake.

  • Sacher sponge cake

    Prepare a delicious Sacher cake.

  • Red Velvet sponge cake

    Delicious spongy texture and balanced taste.

  • Almond sponge cake

    Exquisite treat. Simplicity and tradition.

  • Toffee sponge cake

    Ideal to eat like this or simply with some coating.

  • Portioned sponge cakes

    Ideal sponge cake portions for the HORECA channel.

  • White biscuit base

    Supplied with a disposable plastic shaper.

  • Cocoa biscuit base

    Supplied with a disposable plastic shaper.

  • Cheesecake biscuit base

    Supplied with a paper mould.

  • Sponge flan case cake

    Great juiciness and an excellent taste.

  • Palet breton

    Crispy butter-flavored biscuit base.

  • Shortcrust pastry

    Ideal to make apple pies.

Everything that a sponge cake can offer

In the process of manufacturing our products we guarantee the maximum quality control. We manage the production from the rigorous selection of the raw materials until it is mass produced under the strictest norms of food security.

Only in this way, and keeping the tradition of our homemade cake recipe, we can offer any type of base for the cake shops and ice cream shops. Sponge cakes and sponge sheet cakes differentiated and measured in all its facets, from the dimensions or the weight, to the texture and the flavor.

  • Sponge sheet cakes

    With a wide variety of families, the sponge cake bases of BJV bakery offer a wide range of solutions for your projects. They are an excellent base product to make all sorts of confectionery, from rolls and logs, layered cakes and creative developments. Find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Sponge cakes

    Made with high quality ingredients, BJV’s sponge cakes offer an intense and spongy experience to create the best cakes, or to enjoy as a complement. Based on tradition, we have improved recipes to obtain the best results. Furthermore, our special sponge cakes offer a wide range of flavours and unique textures to create real temptations to our palate.

  • Biscuit bases

    Bases with perfectly ground, consistent and fresh biscuits, supplied with a shaper that makes your product preparation process much more dynamic. Creating any kind of cake, whether with cheese, a jellylike texture or a great fruit crumble, was never easier. Create, cool and that’s it.

  • Other developments

    We are aware of the importance to meet the new requirements, to be more competitive for the benefit of quality and to be at the vanguard of the sector. That is why we work in the creation of all sorts of bases and formats for baking and ice cream. Consult us about the possibility to cooperate in a new development or to customise a specific product.

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