Pre-cut Sacher sponge cake

60 mouth-watering portions of rich chocolate sponge.

Our pre-cut sachertorte is the ideal treat for chocoholics. It is a chocolate flavour explosion, which will deight even your most demanding guests.

Other flavors: Classic | Red Velvet | Carrot | Toffee | Orange
Other formats: Round Sucher
Product specs

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Product specs
Pre-cut Sacher sponge cake.

Chocolate sponge cake pre-cut into 60 units. It offers an ideal bite-sized portion for desserts, breakfasts or snacks, making a great accompaniment to a cup of good quality coffee. It also goes well with fruit jams, such as orange or red fruit, thus it can be used to create all types of mini-confectionery recipes.

We can serve it whole for you to cut and work as you wish.


  • Size: 355x285x40mm
  • Portions: 60 units
  • Units/Box: 2 sponge cakes
  • Box/Pallet: 84 boxes
  • Conservation: 12 months (-18ºC) / 30 days (4ºC)

Tips and advices:

We ship this product frozen to be able to guarantee all its qualities and quality in optimal conditions.
Defrost at least 3 hours in the fridge before use.


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