Tartlets and pies for filling

Sponge cake – Shortcrust pastry

Tender or crispy

Pastry bases for quick and easy filling products.

Sponge cake or shortcrust pastry tartlets.

Our classic sweet and neutral tartlets are high-quality bases, perfect for making filled tarts, canapés, and sweet or savory appetizers in minutes. Discover our variety of sizes and flavors, and start planning high-profit, flavorful products. Request more information about all the possibilities so we can provide personalized advice.

Sponge cake

filling and serve

pastry Pie

filling and bakin

Special tartlets for large-sized cakes and desserts

Juicy sponge cake with vanilla aroma, or shortcrust pastry with aluminum mold for filling, baking, and ready to serve.

specialized for

Tarts and/or Quiches

Our tartlets for sweet desserts, the sponge cake tartlet is your base. But if you prefer baking a quiche, apple tart, or cheesecake, our shortcrust pastry is ideal. Which one do you prefer?

Of course, if you’re looking for bases for smaller recipes or canapés, keep reading a little more…

Service tartlets

Variety of premium shortcrust pastry tartlets, made with butter, available in different formats and sizes ideal for catering and buffet settings.

food service

Butter sweet tartlets in Food Service format

Working with these shortcrust pastry bases is as quick as serving and eating them: in the blink of an eye.


Round and square