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Sponge cake and cake bases for industrial manufacturing

We operate our production on a large scale, maximising our products’ uniformity and safety.

With more than 5,000 m² of facilities where we produce a range of lines: cakes, cake bases and biscuit bases, we have the capacity to produce large volumes, always under the strictest food safety and quality standards (IFS and BRC).


all the flavor and texture of our recipes for the consumer

Discover our range of sponge cake products for for stores and supermarkets.

When developing our products for the retail channel, we strive to transfer all the qualities of our professional bases and cakes to the logistics and distribution requirements of large retailers.

To achieve this, our R&D team works tirelessly on products with the best features for distribution, storage, and sales without refrigeration, or products served frozen with the quality of freshly baked goods.

This is the only way we can ensure the aroma, flavor, and texture of each product, so they reach your customers’ hands in optimal conditions.

In addition, we offer you the flexibility to work under our own brand for Retail, “La base de la pastelería”, or adapt the packaging and labeling to your own own private label.


Foodservice: Sponge cakes ready to work with or serve without getting your hands dirty

Maximum versatility, convenience, and savings for your business, with the option to adapt your order to small quantities per box.

Store (Spain)


If you own a bakery or ice cream parlour, of course we are also at your side. And even more so, because we know what we are talking about when we hear “sponge cake”.

pastry shops

Enjoy the time and peace of mind of having the perfect sponge cake at hand

The aroma, taste and texture you expect when opening the oven, without waiting times and for optimal results.

For you, chef, our entire range of products, solutions and sales channels, designed to help you maximize your workshop’s potential, and make every crumb count in your business. Because our goal is for you to be able to provide your customers with the best products.