Sponge sheet cakes with customised shapes

Cake bases which are pre-cut to your own specifications.

We personalise the cake bases to suit a wide variety of requirements, all these being available as plain or chocolate flavour. From heart-shaped cakes, specialised cake or gateau projects, to more complex shapes for children’s themes and other personalised designs.

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If you want to know all the details about how we can customise the shape of our sponge sheet cakes, ask for advice on which sponge cake sheets are most recommendable, or request information on minimum quantities for international orders, samples or prices, click on “Orders and samples”

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Product specs
Custom shapes

Using cake bases as a way of minimising time and waste
A major problem when we make and cut a cake base, on top of buying special moulds and the need to invest time, is the waste generated.

Perhaps on a small scale this is not such a problem, but in large industrialised processes it becomes a relevant issue when it comes to maximising profit. We have all the suitable moulds and a wide range of solutions to suit your requirements. Optimise your production capability by using our cake bases!


  • The number of units per box, and boxes per pallet (European), will vary depending on the shape and size requested.
  • Conservation: 12 months (-18ºC) / 30 days (4ºC)

Tips and advices:

We ship this product frozen to be able to guarantee all its qualities and quality in optimal conditions.
Defrost at least 3 hours in the fridge before use.


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