Royal Cake Toffee

Toffee-flavoured sponge cake base.

Toffee Royal Cake is cake base made without palm oil or artificial colourings, with a creamy texture and a delicious toffee caramel flavour. An sponge sheet cake ideal for filling with cream or to use for layered cakes thanks to its thickness and texture. It is also a good nutritional option, in accordance with our commitment to promoting healthy eating.

Other flavors: Red Velvet | Carrot | Pistachio | Coconut
Options: Custom shapes
Product specs

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Product specs
Toffee sponge sheet cake

Our Pistachio Royal cake is an ideal cake base to combine with creams. It’s an sponge sheet cake designed to create the classic Bundt-style cake but not in the traditional round shape. However it can also be combined with smooth creams.

As for their format, please note that the dimensions of our Royal Cake Sheets are half the standard size of cake bases, and 1mm taller. So they are really convenient to work with and store.


  • Size: 370x285x10mm
  • Units/Box: 12 bases
  • Box/Pallet: 84 boxes
  • Conservation: 12 months (-18ºC) / 30 days (4ºC)

Tips and advices:

We ship this product frozen to be able to guarantee all its qualities and quality in optimal conditions.
Defrost at least 3 hours in the fridge before use.


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