Round sponge cakes

Soft – Spongy – Natural


The flavor, aroma,
and fluffiness of homemade.

Cream cakes

Flavors and textures
for very special cakes

Genoise sponges with a traditional recipe enhanced

Perfect control over ingredients, mixing, and baking times to deliver the best consistency, tenderness, and flavor.

Sponges for

cakes and pastries

They say they taste like homemade, but the truth is they’re even better. They go straight from the oven to your hands, carrying the essence of over 40 years of experience in cake making and recipe refinement.

Sponge cakes

We have adapted our cake recipe to different tastes, forms and textures to make it easier for you to create cakes and other confectionery items.


Special carrot and Red Velvet sponge cakes

Your Carrot Cake and American Red Velvet cakes in minutes, with unmatched quality.


Gourmet cakes

Traditional recipe

Fill, apply your frosting, cut and… serve!

Para cortar, rellenar y cubrir. Fácil y rico.

Making cakes and other items of confectionery has never been easier. The secret of our cakes is the experience we have built up over more than 30 years and our mastery of the ingredients, beating and baking times. They are perfect both to work with by hand in the small kitchen as well as in larger scale production processes.