Toffee sponge cake.

A creamy textured caramel toffee-flavoured cake.

  • Toffee (Ref: 2130001)
  • Rectangular (Ref: PT0000080)

Our caramel cake base is a premium product with a unique texture which will please even your most demanding guests.

It has a lovely creamy texture and toffee flavoured sweetness, making it perfect for buffets and cafeterias.

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Bundt style bases to create cakes or enjoy on their own.

This cake base is perfect to give a sweet and creamy touch to any confectionery recipe. In particular, desserts combined with light chocolate creams, mascarpone cheese or simply a light sugar frosting.

Although the great feature is its intense taste and texture, it is also tasty on its own in breakfasts and snacks.


  • 240×40
  • 2 units
    2 units
  • 114 boxes
    84 boxes
  • 12 months (-18ºC)
    or 30 days (4ºC)

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* Consult us for other measures.
** Optional: Free-range eggs; UTZ Cocoa (under special manufacturing conditions).

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