Sponge sheet cake for soaking.

Great quality and fast absorption.

  • White (Ref: 1070003)
  • Cocoa (Ref: 1140001)

The outstanding feature of this variety of cake base is the quality and quickness of absorption.

Also because of the higher egg content in this version compared to the more economical ECI sponge sheet cake, this product offers more flexibility and an improved texture.

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Sponge sheet cake ideal for creating layered cakes

With this option you will be able to soak the cake base easily and enjoy a balanced flavour throughout.

Thanks to its ease of handling, it is the perfect cake base both for large and small scale producers.


  • 570x370x9
  • 7 units
  • 84 boxes
  • 12 months (-18ºC)
    30 days (4ºC)

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* Consult us for other measures.
** Optional: Free-range eggs; UTZ cocoa (under special manufacturing conditions).

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