Pistachio Royal Cake.

Creamy pistachio flavoured sponge cake base.

  • Pistachio (Ref: PT0000209)
  • Without palm oil
  • No azo dyes

A cake base made without palm oil or artificial colourings. It has a creamy texture and a delicate pistachio flavour.

A cake base ideal for filling with cream or to create a layered cake, thanks to its thickness and consistency. It is also excellent nutritionally thanks to our commitment to producing food with bealthy ingredients.

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Cake base ideal for chocolate or cream cakes

A cake base designed for chocolate-based cakes or as a basis for recipes containing cream and using more citric flavoured fruits such as raspberries or red fruit.


  • 370x285x10
  • 12 units
  • 84 boxes
  • 12 months (-18ºC)
    30 days (4ºC)

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* Consult us for other measures.
** Optional: Free-range eggs (under special manufacturing conditions).

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