A sponge sheet cake full of life

A sponge sheet cake full of life

Long live your products!

Since the introduction of controlled temperature logistics in bakery, pastry and cake bakery products, the food industry has had to respond to new professional challenges in the storage and distribution processes.

Keeping the cold chain in products subjected to processes of freezing or refrigeration, as can be the case of a sponge cake, is an indispensable requirement for the preservation of both its composition and its quality.
Even so, there are few times that it is essential to keep the stock in natural conditions, so that the useful life of the products is shortened, and the sweet moments begin to have a bitter taste.

Long – life sponge sheet cake (LVA)

Thanks to the constant efforts of our R & D team, BJV has developed a new formula adapted to the needs of many of our customers. We are talking about a sponge sheet cake with a long life at room temperature. Formulated especially to stay tender and manageable throughout its useful life, our LVA family preserves a pleasant and balanced taste for 90 days.
Ideal for distributors with long journeys, low product rotations in warehouse, or manufacturers who want to give their products a longer useful life. For logistic purposes, this sponge sheet cake not only brings profitability and comfort, but also the safety and trust of a resistant and durable base with maximum performance.

Ideal to soak

Designed for its soaking, it maintains the consistency and brings unique characteristics in the elaboration of its projects. As well, it is available in different flavors (natural and cocoa) and, like all our products, can be customized according to the requirements and the needs of each customer.

This sponge sheet is made in our facilities with the maximum guarantee of quality and food safety (IFS and BRC). Like always, we control the processes of its manufacture from the rigorous selection of the raw materials, to its packaging and shipping. A cake base that preserves optimum juiciness, flavor and ease of handling, after three months at an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

If you want to know more details do not hesitate to contact us, consult our updated catalogue, or request without commitment a sample of product.

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