Sponge cake on top of sponge cake and on top of sponge cake…

Sponge cake on top of sponge cake and on top of sponge cake…

Sponge sheet cakes for Christmas logs.

The days full of magic are approaching, celebrations and moments with company. The Christmas spirit begins to follow us wherever we go, and we cannot miss the appointment by providing our sweetest roots for those unique desserts.

The ideal root for a perfect trunk

We make flexible and fluffy sponge cake with a great homogeneity, perfect for the production of Christmas trunks, the dessert par excellence of the Christmas Eve. Available in natural or cocoa, we offer our rolling sponge sheet, smooth surface and very easy to handle, or the special sponge sheet cake, ideal for any elaboration thanks to its sponginess, high in egg content and a characteristic touch, being very flexible and providing a balanced taste.

Remember that they are supplied in refrigeration or freezing conditions, ready to work with them and to save a vital time in the development of the most precious joys.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Receive a warm greeting, and happy holidays!

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